Year 3, Day 224

As we were leaving for daycare, Miles pointed at the political signs that have gone up in our yard over the last week. Too young to really understand that there’s an election coming up (or what an election is), Miles is nonetheless excited about signs of all shapes and sizes.

“There’s daddy’s sign, and mommy’s sign, and mommy’s other sign too,” he said, pointing around the yard.

“That’s right.”

“I want sign too.”

“You want a sign?”


“What will your sign say on it?”


“What do you want your sign to say?”

“Hmmm. A rope.”

“The sign is just going to say ‘A Rope’?”

“Yeah,” he said, then elaborated, “It say ‘Donald Need a Rope’.”

Now Miles was probably recalling some episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that involved the perils of a certain duck, but I immediately thought of recent polling and the hole a particular real-life Donald seems obsessed with digging for himself. “You know, you’re not wrong,” I agreed. “He probably does need a rope.”

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