Year 3, Day 216

When asking for stories at the end of the day, Miles has a tendency of making pretty varied requests. Some are simple enough — “I want a story about a pumpkin,” for instance. Most stories involve Mickey Mouse. While my ability to spontaneously come up with satisfying narratives on a whim could likely leave more discerning listeners wanting, I still love telling Miles stories. Last night, he wanted a story about a band. Not just any band, mind you; Miles was very specific about who was in the band and what they needed to be playing.

Mickey: Drums

Goofy: “A goofy banjo” (is there any other kind?)

Minnie: Flute

Daisy: “A flute too”

Donald: Harmonica

I try to encourage creativity as much as possible, but I also want to be as frank as possible with Miles when he needs such feedback. And with a banjo, harmonica, and TWO flutes, I felt compelled to be up-front. “I’m going to be honest with you, Miles,” I said. “This sounds like a pretty terrible band.”

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