Year 3, Day 200

Miles found a piece of cardboard today and immediately wanted to start hitting things with it. But knowing how much he’s interested in pirates and treasure, I decided to try redirecting his predilection for physicality into something a little more constructive. “Hey! Let’s make a treasure map!”

Despite my best efforts to talk him out of it, Miles insisted on coloring the islands purple.

Together, we brainstormed what needed to go on the map (three islands, a big shark, a big fish, and of course an X), then I went about drawing the map as Miles looked on and continued offering creative input. Once it was finished, Miles carried it with him for the rest of the day, including on a trip to Krispy Kreme.

At the end of the day, as he climbed into bed, Miles said, “Hey, where my treasure map go??” I retrieved it for him, and despite how unwieldy the floppy piece of cardboard is Miles managed to curl up next to it and, one can hope, dream of adventure on the high seas.

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