Year 3, Day 193

As we were settling in at our weekend residence yesterday, Jaclyn very quickly and decisively let me know I’d be sharing a room with Miles. As such, this was the last thing I saw last night:

And this was the first thing I saw this morning:

The first thing I HEARD, incidentally, was, “DADDY WAKE UP!”

Miles enjoyed a breakfast overlooking the mountains, filling his belly before we all headed out to a trout farm to break in his new fishing rod. Having observed the activity countless times as I’ve played Animal Crossing this year, Miles was thrilled at the prospect of catching a fish (“Come my friends!” he said as he scooped up his Mickey, Donald, and Goofy dolls to bring with him). At least, he was excited until I actually had one hooked. That was when he quickly backed away.

I can think of nothing less dignified for a fish than meeting your fate on the business end of a BB-8 fishing rod.

While I’m sure fishing will remain a highlight of the weekend for Miles, this evening delivered something sure to prove even more memorable, as he tried s’mores for the first time.

Big shock, he loves them.

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