Year 3, Day 186

As Jaclyn felt it necessary to mention about fifty times before 10 AM, today was “Boys Day” for me and Miles, as Jaclyn was getting some much-needed alone time this morning. And what, exactly, did this mean for us? Well first, it meant we were coordinating our outfits:

The pizza shirts are always a big hit.

And then it meant we were finally free to eat whatever we wanted, which in this case meant visiting the brand-new Krispy Kreme in Southend.

Miles was very particular about wanting a chocolate frosted donut (“…and with sprinkles!” he added as almost an afterthought). Krispy Kreme did not disappoint!

Thankfully the rain subsided long enough for our snacks and a nice walk around the neighborhood, although despite my best efforts, I still couldn’t get Miles tuckered-out enough to take a nap this afternoon!

There was WAY too much fun to be had to think about napping, after all!

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