Year 3, Day 171

Whenever I’m the first one in Miles’s room in the morning, I always ask him the same two questions: “Did you have a good sleep?” and “Did you have good dreams?” If he answers “yes” to the second question, I’ll follow up with, “What did you dream about?” Today was the first time he ever offered me an answer for that particular question.

When I asked him, he was quick to let me know he had a dream about Tigger, the lovable scamp from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories and films. In the dream, according to Miles, Tigger was in a tree and Miles caught him.

I had some follow-up questions of course (“How did he get in the tree?” “How did you catch him?” “What did you do with him after you caught him?”), but Miles couldn’t really answer any of them. Still, it was a good start!

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