Year 3, Day 169

Follow a brief but intense rainstorm this evening, Miles had an opportunity to witness for the first time something he had up to this point only seen in storybooks.

We were driving past Miles’s beloved Bank of America Stadium when I pointed through the windshield at the sky. “Miles look!” I said. “It’s a rainbow!!!”

I glanced back at him to make sure he was following my finger to the streak of color in the sky. “A rainbow…”

“Yeah!” I said. “Do you see it?”

“I see the rainbow!” Miles declared, clapping excitedly.

“Yeah!” I said, echoing his excitement.

“I want to climb the rainbow!”

I stopped. “Eh…well…you can’t really climb the rainbow…”

Childlike wonder is great, but we’ve got to keep it a little grounded in reality.

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