Year 3, Day 159

Consuming meals can be a lengthy process for Miles, especially if he’s watching TV. Sometimes he needs a little nudge to remember there’s food in front of him. During lunch today, Miles was noticeably neglecting the single remaining chicken nugget on his plate. As he gazed at the television, I leaned in and eyed the food.

“Hey Miles,” I said. “Is that a chicken nugget?”

He looked over to me then down to his plate. He seized the chicken nugget in his fingers and held it up. “Here, daddy,” he said. “Come get it.”

I stood from my chair and reached out my hand, and Miles waited until I was mere inches away before tossing the chicken nugget into his mouth and chomping down on it.

“Ooooo!” I said, stomping my feet. “Did you trick me?!”

“Yeah!” Miles laughed through partially masticated chicken.

If there’s one thing I can absolutely bank on, it’s that nothing makes Miles want something more than knowing mommy or daddy want it (or at least pretend to want it).

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