Year 3, Day 155

A couple nights ago, Miles started talking about someone he called “Miss Gabby.” It was a name we hadn’t heard before, so we started asking some questions.

“Is Miss Gabby a teacher at school?”


“Is Miss Gabby a friend at school?”


“Do you see Miss Gabby at home or at school?”

“At home.”

“Where do you see Miss Gabby at home?”

“Right over there.” And he pointed towards the kitchen.

Jaclyn and I looked at each other, clearly thinking the same thing. Great…a GHOST.

Well tonight Jaclyn let me know that she had figured out who Miss Gabby was. When they were reading together before bed, Miles pointed to a picture on the front cover of a book.

“Miss Gabby.”

…yeah, it was a plate of “spaghetti.”

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