Year 3, Day 134

At some point this evening, I became aware that I had set my phone down somewhere and forgotten about it. It’s not so unusual, and I was busy with Miles, so I didn’t give it much thought at first. After a while, though, having looked around the house to no avail, I started to get a bit more impatient.

“Where’s my phone?” I finally asked as we were finishing dinner tonight.

Miles, with the look of a true stinker in his eye, slid his chair back and got up from his table. Glancing back at me with a grin, he vanished behind the couch.

Jaclyn started giggling.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I muttered.

“Here is!” Miles said moments later, standing up behind the couch and holding the phone over his head. Yes, at some point, I had walked away from the phone long enough for Miles to grab it and stash it where I could never find it on my own.

I asked him to bring the phone back to me, and of course he just threw it back under the couch and darted out from behind it, laughing the whole time. He left me to wedge myself behind the couch to get the phone back, which was no easy feat.

The lesson of the year: keep your electronics out of Miles’s sight (and grasp) at all times.

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