Year 3, Day 114

Not a day goes by anymore that Miles fails to request (to put it mildly) one of two things. When we pick him up from daycare, and before arriving home, Miles will insistently say, “I want ice cream. I want donuts.”

This week, at different times, he has received both.

With his beloved Cookie Monster Ice Cream from Two Scoops Creamery.

The road to our ice cream trip started Friday afternoon, when Miles left daycare after earning, then losing, a popsicle. He had done such a good job during the day, but blew his claim to the treat in the final hours of the afternoon when he threw his classmates crayons on the floor and flagrantly refused to pick them up.

On the ensuing drive home, Miles’s requests for “ice cream” were relentless. At one point, as we pulled up beside a white building, Miles suggested, “Maybe get ice cream from the White House.”

After explaining repeatedly the reason Miles wasn’t getting ice cream that afternoon and tying any future ice cream consumption to improved behavior, we finally ended the weekend with a trip to Two Scoops Creamery which, in hindsight, was probably just as much for mom and dad as it was Miles.

Enjoying a donut that — you guessed it — effectively functioned as his dinner for the evening.

Yesterday, Jaclyn sent a text on her way home that read, “Your child made me get donuts.” Sure, when he wants donuts, he’s MY child…actually, that makes perfect sense.

Upon reaching Dunkin’ Donuts, Jaclyn asked Miles what type of donut he wanted. He replied with, “Chocolate. Nomnomnom.” Jaclyn asked him if that was his Cookie Monster impression, and Miles said yes. However, when asked if Cookie Monster likes donuts, Miles said, “No mommy. COOKIE Monster.  COO-KIE.”

Of course, the real danger of Jaclyn’s plan wasn’t that the donuts would likely ruin Miles’s appetite for dinner, but that the sugar in them would ensure he wasn’t willingly going to sleep before 10:00. Both turned out to be true.

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