Year 3, Day 110: Sounds of the Night-time VII

Last night was a restless one for me or Jaclyn. Miles managed to sleep pretty well, thankfully, with the exception of an incident around 4:30 in the morning. As I was tossing and turning in bed, the relative silence was pierced as Miles’s voice suddenly came blaring through the monitor.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it!” he yelled.

I jumped initially. He didn’t seem groggy or like he was dreaming — he sounded wide awake and completely cogent. I stayed in bed listening to him repeat the sentence over and over, hoping he would quiet down after a few moments.

But as I was lying there half-awake, I had to start wondering what Miles “didn’t want” and who he was even talking to. His voice was so clear that I couldn’t imagine he was dreaming. The only conclusion had to be that Miles was talking to that ghost he saw that one time.

I was more than a little relieved when Miles quieted down, since the last thought I had before going back to sleep was, “Well, at least I don’t have to see a ghost now.”


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