Year 3, Day 64: Name That Song UPDATE!

During yet another failed attempt to coax Miles into taking a nap this afternoon, I put him in bed, snuggled up next to him, and started an “Old McDonald” YouTube video. This, of course, set in motion a cascade of children’s songs, as YouTube auto-queued video after video.

Well one of us sure started getting drowsy, because as Miles lay there gazing at the screen, I started to slowly slip into unconsciousness. It was at the point right on the edge of slumber that I heard something…strangely familiar.

My brain suddenly started filling in the lyrics, “Other finger, other finger; ah wannit may; he no want, he no want; ah buzzit hey.”

I sat bolt upright and yelled into the next room. “Jaclyn!!! This is it!!! OTHER FINGER!!!”

Sure enough, Miles started singing along with it, mangling the lyrics as only a two-year-old could. Still, I’m pretty impressed he got the word “finger” right.

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