Year 3, Day 57

A reckoning is coming.

Up ’til now, satisfying Miles’s needs has been free of much guesswork, because we were the ones establishing so many of them. He NEEDS to brush his teeth. He NEEDS to get dressed. He NEEDS to eat his broccoli. But lately, Miles has started to vocalize his own needs. And by “needs,” I mean “perceived needs.” And by “perceived needs,” I mean “literally everything.”

“I NEED ice cream.”

“I NEED candy.”

“Miles, let’s put on your blue bib.” “No I NEED the green one.”

“Can daddy read you a story?” “No I NEED mommy.”

Yes, we’ve nestled into the “wants vs. needs” stage of growing up. Naturally, our perception of what Miles truly “needs” differs quite a bit from his own; our job moving forward is to help him establish the word “want” as something other than a means to convey contrarian viewpoints (i.e., “Miles, eat your dinner.” “No I don’t want it.”).

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