Year 3, Day 53

One of the benefits (downsides?) of being forced to stay at home is the increase in preparing meals ourselves. While Jaclyn is typically the person who manages the preparation and management of foodstuffs, today we were at last able to get Miles involved in the process, as he helped his mother prepare a dirt cake.

All Miles knew going into is was the name of the dish, and while I assume he knows what “dirt” is, he was as enthusiastic about the prospect of eating the dessert as I’ve ever seen him about anything. Jaclyn did the mixing, then it was up to Miles to cover the chocolatey concoction in gummy worms and snails.

“O brave new world, that has such candies in it!”

And when he was finally finished? Eh, Miles still didn’t really understand what the hell they had just thrown together.

“Sooo…do we EAT this…?”

Any suspicion he had evaporated after his first bite. To say he enjoyed it is a gross understatement. He destroyed it.

…there were no survivors.

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