Year 3, Day 29

Miles has started to prove himself quite the indecisive fellow, recently adopting the phrase “the other one” into his verbiage. And lest you think he employs these words in a manner remotely resembling civil discourse, consider the following scene.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Miles has developed a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Frozen films. You may also be aware that there are a handful of different Frozen-related offerings on Disney+, including both feature films, a series of Lego shorts, and that frustratingly long Christmas short that played in front of Coco a few years ago.

Miles hasn’t quite developed the ability to differentiate between these in a meaningful verbal way. Instead of saying, “Mommy, can I watch Frozen 2?” or “Daddy, can I watch the one where Olaf dies?”*, we’re left with, “Me watch Frozen.”

“This one?” we’ll reply, highlighting a choice on the Disney+ menu.

“No unnnah one,” Miles will say.

“This one,” we’ll suggest, seeking affirmation as we highlight the next choice.

“Nono, UNNNAH ONE!” Miles then shrieks. “UNNNAH ONE!” Because no matter which movie we’ve chosen first or even second, we are inevitably incorrect.

Food, toys, sticks in the yard…all are subject to Miles’s desire for the “unnnah one.” Maybe one day we’ll figure out what he wants on the first try…?

I’m kidding. We’re destined to be wrong for the rest of our days.

*This ACTUALLY HAPPENS in Frozen 2 and it is BREATHTAKING for all the wrong reasons.

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