Year 3, Day 20

The COVID-19 virus is spreading and disrupting the lives of people around the country. While some of the panic may be unnecessary or avoidable, there is no doubt that one is best served approaching the situation with a degree of trepidation. It’s fitting, then, that my son has recently developed an understanding of fear.

The word “scared” has entered Miles’s vocabulary.

Things he’s been scared of so far include cats (some, not all), the doctor (okay), and this one guy who gets covered in ice in the movie Frozen (which, you know, Miles has developed an obsession with). Whenever he’s confronted with one of these things (or the mere prospect of one), his response is, “I scared of ____!” (i.e., “I scared of the doctor!”)

My response is equal parts sympathy and adoration. His response is nestled perfectly in the valley between “pathetic” and “adorable.”

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