Year 3, Day 15

Miles spent the last two days at home with a cold, coughing profusely and generally growing increasingly grumpy as the days stretched into the afternoons. While he’s gotten pretty resistant to the idea of taking naps at the house, he is still very prone to falling asleep in the car, as he did yesterday when Jaclyn took him out around 4:00 (evidently, she felt the need to get out of the house as much as he likely did).

When I arrived home from work at 7:30, Miles was still asleep on the couch. In fact, he barely moved at all for the next three hours. We debated whether to wake him up or let him sleep, knowing full well that he might wake up at midnight fully rested and ready for playtime and, subsequently, chaos. That was a risk I felt we needed to take though; he obviously needed the sleep, and all I really wanted was for him to feel better, even if it meant staying up all night with him.

We did wake him up eventually, just to see if he wanted any food. He requested merely juice and milk and, still lethargic, just cuddled up with us — first on the couch, then in the bed — and slept through the night. While he was still coughing a bit this morning, he woke up happy and told me that he wanted to go back to daycare and see his friends, so hopefully the worst is behind him.


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