Year 2, Day 362

Holy. MACKEREL. There are days (most of them), where despite the hardships, it’s clear that being a parent is the most touching and rewarding experience of my life. Then there are days — not many of them, but they’re out there — where I start to think about walking outside, climbing into the car, and driving full-tilt into a giant redwood.

Today was characterized by several consistent moods and activities. Disagreeable. Grouchy. Screaming. No nap. Those are just a few.

And who do all of those things apply to? How about all of us?

Jaclyn’s felt under the weather for days now, and today I joined her. If only Miles had been his usual, chipper, slightly mischievous self, we might have been able to better care for ourselves and each other. Sadly though, Miles proved that he is fully capable of sensing weakness and exploiting it.

The result was a day-long cacophony of screams, crying, and the occasional crashing, gradually building to a crescendo as exhaustion became increasingly pronounced. Oh, he was also into EVERYTHING.

Just one of today’s “art projects.”

We tried to help each other get some rest in shifts, but even that proved problematic.


When Miles finally went to sleep for the day at 7:30, he was still protesting, right up to the moment he succumbed to unconsciousness. Frankly, we weren’t too far behind him.

Parenting is filled with challenges, but few are more hope-crushing than the days you wake up and realize everyone in the house is sick.

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