Year 2, Day 351: The Teething Diaries IX

So, yeah, it’s teething again.

After Miles’s restlessness Sunday night, I suspected that something specific might’ve been making sleeping difficult. After last night, I feel pretty confident that it’s his molars.

While I was Miles’s on-duty attendant on Sunday night, last night that responsibility fell to Jaclyn. Unfortunately (mainly for me, but really for both of us), Miles proved even more inconsolable the second night, keeping Jaclyn up for hours (which meant that I, too, was up for hours).

By 3 AM, the situation had escalated to the point that everyone in the house was miserable and yelling at each other. It seemed clear that none of us was going to be getting any degree of rest, and I at times even questioned our ability to carry on as a family moving forward. Things were bleak.

When the sun came up this morning, I staggered out of bed, readied Miles for the day, and took his ass to daycare. I then came back home and Jaclyn and I finally went to sleep.

Parents have to adapt and find ways to deal with the chronic exhaustion that raising a child brings with it. The good thing about nights like this one is that once you’re on the other end of it, you find that your threshold for coping has somehow increased. Even when you feel like there’s no way you have any more energy to give, you find that somewhere, somehow there’s still a reserve inside of you.

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