Year 2, Day 335

Today wasn’t the best as far as Miles’s potty training has gone. Despite numerous attempts, under extreme protest, to compel Miles to use his potty, he relied on his pull-ups to do the waste receiving most of the day. But just as Jaclyn was about to lose hope and resort to extreme measures (i.e., going back to the “commando method” of the first few days), Miles finally peed in his potty tonight.

To say there was much rejoicing is putting it mildly. Jaclyn cheered and clapped. Miles grinned wide, pointed at the basin, and shrieked, “I PEE-PEE IN A POTTY!!!” At this point, I joined them in the living room and we all started dancing and clapping.

The pee-pee dance is what positive reinforcement looks like in our house.

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