Year 2, Day 325

Already taking after his dad…


Tonight, Miles was completely unwilling to go to sleep. Jaclyn would sit down, read a book with him, and upon completion Miles would bound over to the bookcase and retrieve another book. After over 30 minutes of this, Jaclyn emerged with no willpower left to continue trying to coax Miles into unconsciousness.

I stepped in, and sure enough, Miles had about five books he was eagerly wanting to read with me. “Okay, let’s read one more book, and then we’re done,” I said. Miles nodded and made his selection.

After reading through the chosen book, Miles predictably hopped up and returned to his bookshelf. “Now wait,” I said. “That was the last book we can read together right now, because I have to go.” I stood up.

Miles continued trying to convince me to stay and read some more. “Sit,” he said, plopping back down on the bed with a new book and pointing at the space next to him.

“I can’t sit,” I said, “but would you like to lay down and keep reading?”

Miles nodded and clicked his tongue. He crawled over to the pillow and reclined, placing the book on his chest, grinning from ear to ear. I tucked him in and stepped over to the door.

“Are you good?” I asked.

Again, nods and clicks.

“Now remember, Miles. When you’re done reading, you need to go night-night.”

“Night-night,” Miles said.

I closed the door quietly, lingering outside for a moment and listening for any movement. After about ten minutes, I stuck my head back in the room. Miles was fast asleep, his book on the bed beside him.

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