Year 2, Day 316

From the time he came home from daycare today, Miles has been avoiding going to the bathroom. It was unsurprising, then, when he had an accident just before going to bed. The call of “Brian! I need you!” went out as I was doing dishes in the kitchen, and within moments I was in Miles’s bedroom soaking up the pee and wiping the floor down with all-purpose cleaner.

“What is that??” Miles asked, pointing at the bottle in my hand.

“It’s cleaning spray,” I said. “I’ve got to clean up the mess you made when you peed on the floor!”

Jaclyn, trying to be helpful, said, “Miles, where is pee-pee supposed to go?”

Miles pointed and, without missing even the slightest of beats, laughed and exclaimed, “On daddy!”

This is fatherhood.

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