Year 2, Day 308

There are four words that have become Miles’s most frequent utterances. In fact, almost every interaction we have with him now is accompanied by one of these words…the cursed words that signal the coming storm of the “Terrible Twos”…





“No” is now Miles’s initial reply to any question. We even turned this into a game on our drive back to Charlotte yesterday. “Hey Miles, do want to listen to music?” “No.” “Do you like bananas?” “No.” “Do you like Elmo?” “No.” And on and on it went.

“Stop” is a word that generally comes loaded with irritation and spite. It’s never simply “Stop,” but rather almost always, “ehSTAHHHHHPPPP!” with some stomping of feet and grimacing thrown in for good measure.

Likewise, “move” is never a mere request. It’s always accompanied with a simultaneous shove or, in some situations when we refuse to comply, an attempted smack. Yeah, this one is loads of fun…

And no transition into pure selfishness and fit-throwing is complete without liberal use of the word “mine.” Sometimes he’s right, and the object in question is his. However, certain objects — other kids’ toys, the TV remote, my cell phone — require a swift rebuttal.

I know this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brash, fitful strides towards autonomy, but I’m already lamenting what became of that nice, well-mannered boy we’ve known for the last year and a half…

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