Year 2, Day 275

We made a pit stop in Rock Hill on our way to Myrtle Beach for the Thanksgiving holiday. The initial reason for this detour was to see our friend Alex, in town from Denver, but an additional reason got tacked on yesterday — I had to fill in as host for a trivia show.

This is only the second time Miles has come to one of my shows as a toddler, and it didn’t take long for him to freak out once I got on the microphone. As I made my initial announcement about the show, I could hear a voice from the other side of the restaurant. “It’s daddy!” the voice called excitedly. “It’s daddy!”

“It’s daddy!”

Miles walked over to see me a few times as the night went on, occasionally dancing to the music I was playing and even speaking into the mic at one point (he said, “Star Wars”). Best of all, he got good and sleepy for our long, late night drive back to Myrtle Beach.

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