Year 2, Day 269

This morning, Miles and I departed the house like any other day. Jaclyn leaned in for a kiss, Miles complied, and they both waved at each other.

And then Miles pointed to Jaclyn. “Dog,” he said.

“What?” Jaclyn said, incredulously. “I’m not a dog! I’m mommy!”

“Dog,” Miles repeated.

Jaclyn laughed, shrugged, and let the door close as we started across the lawn.

“Miles!” I said to him. “Did you call mommy a dog?”

Then Miles said — hand to God — “It’s mommy reminds me of a dog.”

“Mommy reminds you of a dog?” I repeated, just to be sure I hadn’t misheard him.

Miles nodded and clicked his tongue affirmatively.

I shook my head as I strapped him into his car seat. “Look,” I elucidated, “you probably shouldn’t say that sort of stuff TO her.”

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