Year 2, Day 264

Jaclyn and I did not talk with Miles on the phone at any point today, and with good reason. Our call last night…well, didn’t go great.

As I walked in on Jaclyn’s call from our bedroom at the cabin, I could hear Miles giggling on the other end of the phone. I interjected with a “Hi, Miles!” and the boy’s tone shifted almost immediately. He started whimpering, “Daddeee,” and I could tell things were getting worse.

Jaclyn said she had tried to Facetime, but couldn’t get it to work. Assuming that seeing us might make him a little less distressed, I set about getting the phone connected to the cabin’s wifi. All the while, both I on my end and Krystyn on her end did what we could to comfort Miles and quell his crying.

Finally, I got the video started. Jaclyn and I huddled around the phone as the image popped to life. Miles was clawing at the front door, presumably attempting to escape outside to look for us. As Krystyn happily told him to look at the phone and that mommy and daddy were here, Miles stared at us, ramped up his crying, and began pointing at the door, desperately trying to convince us to reenter the house.

While we didn’t attempt another call today, we still received updates. By all appearances, it looks like he’s having a blast.


And us? Well, we’re having a blast too!


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