Year 2, Day 241

Miles’s latest obsession stems from a song he’s loved for a long time. While I’m not sure he fully grasps what a “wheel” is yet, he has grown extremely fond of the buses on which they go “’round and ’round.”

His fascination with buses benefits greatly from our house’s close proximity to a bus stop. There are mornings Miles will start crying as he’s pulled away from his mom to leave with me; as soon as he’s outside, however, his tears immediately subside and he points up the street. “But! But!” he’ll say, in the hopes that he’ll spy one of his beloved mass transit vehicles (he only occasionally gets “buS” with an ‘s’).

And if he DOES manage to spot a bus, he will literally try to dive from my arms, twisting and turning in an attempt to break free and find a better vantage point to enjoy the view of this most majestic of motor vehicles. Fortunately, the morning commute brings with it the promise of more buses, and I’m not lying to him when I say that we’ll see some as we make the trip to daycare. In fact, there’s a bus AT his daycare, which is great; although at that point convincing him to go inside becomes a challenge.

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