Year 2, Day 238

I was in the living room when I heard Jaclyn call out, “Miles! No!”

Darting for the bedroom (technically, I was supposed to be watching him), I feared the worst. I knew he couldn’t have hurt himself (HE wasn’t crying, after all), but Jaclyn’s response had been too forceful for Miles to have just barged in on her shower (which he is prone to do). What I found was Miles, an open linen cabinet, and a floor covered in scattered bedsheets and curtains, all of which had been folded moments before.

And Miles’s response? He looked from Jaclyn to me, and then set about picking the linens off the ground. “Clean up! Clean up!” he sang, almost as though he was playing down the fact that he had created the mess on purpose.

Obviously, by “picking up” the sheets that far exceeded his height, he was really only making matters worse. I graciously excused him from clean up duty and took him to the other room while Jaclyn cleaned up the pile of fabric, suddenly thankful that we had bought a few additional child locks last week.

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