Year 2, Day 222

While I get to see Miles interact with other children pretty often, I don’t get to see him do this at home very much. Does he get territorial? Does he share things willingly? I assume (based on a lack of complaints) that he’s learning to manage this at daycare, but what about his own space and his own things?

Well Miles had a visit from his slightly younger friend Duke tonight, and I am pretty flabbergasted to report that it went amazingly well. At first, Miles did his usual “hang back and observe the situation” routine, watching Duke play with some toys in his room. Soon enough though, Miles didn’t simply join in, he started pulling out other toys and offering them to Duke. By the end of the evening, the two were best friends.

One of a number of hugs Miles gave out (in addition to all the toys).

I talk a lot about the pride I feel when Miles does something goofy or tries eating some sort of meat product, but I was truly proud to see how warm and genuine his demeanor was.

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