Year 2, Day 218

I was at my primary job until 6:00 tonight, and with a trivia show beginning at 7:00, I wasn’t planning on being able to go home or see Miles this evening. Fate*, however, had other plans, as I left some equipment at home and had to make a mad dash for it between gigs.

The silver lining was, of course, getting to see Miles for a fleeting moment. I walked in to find him agreeably sitting in his seat at the dinner table with his babysitter, eating his dinner with no fuss whatsoever. I swear, the nonsense he’s been pulling on us lately with the defiance and refusal to eat…

It took him a moment to realize it was me (to be fair, I was wearing my glasses today), and when he did, he started yelling, “Dada! Dada!” I was overjoyed to see how happy he was to see me (it was mutual).

But then, as though suddenly remembering that his babysitter was there, Miles became aware that this would only be a momentary visit. In a second, Miles went from chipper to full-on wailing banshee mode. I should’ve seen that coming.

Thankfully, Lisa is extremely gifted in the art of calming babies down. She scooped him up and followed me out the door…with bubbles in-hand. Just as quickly, Miles stopped crying, gave me a wave and a “Bye-bye,” and was about his bubble-making business.

The moral of the story is I’m glad I left my trivia stuff at home.

*And by “fate,” I mean “my own stupidity.”

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