Year 2, Day 210

From seemingly out of nowhere, which I suppose is where all quirks and eccentricities develop from when you’re a toddler, Miles has started exhibiting a weird new habit over the last few days. He’ll take a bite of something, a banana or a cracker for instance, then keep it in his mouth for anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, then just spit the damn thing out.

Spitting out food is nothing new for Miles (or any toddler), but why on Earth does he feel compelled to let the food become a soggy bolus before expectorating? This past weekend, I took precisely enough clothing to accommodate the two days we’d be in Myrtle Beach (a rookie mistake, I’ll admit), and by 11:00 on Saturday morning I already had what can only be described as “cracker juice” running down my sleeve.

I’d understand if this behavior was accompanied by laughter, like he’s going for some gross-out humor thing, but Miles only ever laughs about it if I laugh about it first.* My best guess at Miles’s thought process is that he’s so concerned with cramming food in his mouth that he puts too much in and then, unable to actually chew it all, can’t figure out a discreet way to get rid of it.

*Jaclyn, of course, NEVER laughs about it.

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