Year 2, Day 201

One of our friend’s son’s turned one today, and his party was held at Jumpin Jax, an indoor play center in Lancaster, SC. Full of play mats, ball pits, and a host of shit to climb around on, it seemed tailor made for Miles’s enjoyment.

Of course, it was all a bit too overwhelming at first, and it took Miles a few minutes to survey the land, adjust to the frenzied cacophony of unbridled children, and literally find his legs in the ball pit, but once he did, there was no turning back.

Still, he did TRY to convince us to hold him.

There was a play area specifically designated for children two and under, but Miles took one look at it and refused to enter. He was after bigger fish — the FOUR and under play area, which boasted an ample ball pit, slide, and net tunnel that, despite being observably curious about it, he refused to enter.


The real game-changer, however, was discovering a toy car that I could push him around in. Suddenly the entire back corner of the play center became Miles’s personal test track.


He clearly inherited his mother’s genetic disposition for laying on the car horn, but overall I’d call his first driver’s lesson a rousing success.

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