Year 2, Day 171: Miles’s Top Five Summer Jams, 2019 Edition

As he’s become more aware of styles, genres, and his own ability to join in through dance and singing along, Miles’s love of music has only grown this year. Here are some of his favorite songs of the summer of 2019.

5) “Twinkle Twinkle/ABCs” – Traditional

Miles loves singing along to both of these songs, and despite his difficulty actually articulating the lyrics of either of them, its typically pretty obvious which is which. Miles’s renditions tend to end abruptly. Don’t worry though; he’ll will let you know when the song is over by clapping and saying, “Yayyyyyyy.”

4) “Bedrock Anthem” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

If I have achieved nothing else this summer, as a father or a member of society as a whole, I have at least introduced Miles to “Weird Al.” From the moment I started playing songs from Yankovic’s catalog, Miles has demanded more and more. This particular song has the added benefit of appealing to Miles’s developing headbanging tendencies. I’m also sort of proud to have made this Miles’s first encounter with the Flintstones.

3) “We Didn’t Start the Fire'” – Billy Joel

Is Miles at all aware of what Mr. Joel is talking about here? Really, are any of us? This zippy mish-mash of 20th century references is actually the perfect song for a kid who wants to sing along but has little to no grasp of actual language.

2) “Never Leave You” – Lumidee

Noteworthy for being one of the few pop songs he can successfully and accurately sing along to, Lumidee’s 2003 single first attracted Miles’s attention as a dance song, but kept his interest with its persistent chorus of “Uh-oh”s (which has emerged as Miles’s favorite phrase).

1. “Are You Sleeping (Brother John)?” – Traditional

A bedtime favorite for Miles, he’ll often start singing this song during diaper changes. So deep is his affection for the song that, occasionally, he’ll yell the lyrics. And as for the age-old question posed by the song, in Miles’s case, the answer is almost certainly “No.”

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