Year 2, Day 169

For days, our nights have been punctuated by shrieking, uncertainty, and general restlessness. Miles wakes up screaming, but doesn’t want to leave his bed. He wants food, yet he refuses to eat. He wants to see Elmo, but rejects the monstrous Muppet immediately. It’s left Jaclyn and I at our wits’ ends.

And now the bane of our week has a name: 18-month sleep regression.

Named for the time in a toddler’s life when it happens and not (hope) for the length of time it lasts, 18-month sleep regression is caused by a cavalcade of factors including teething, burgeoning independence, outright defiance, and general growth causing a disruption in the hormones that tell a child that it’s time to GTF to sleep.

Well, knowing your enemy is always the first step to defeating it. And we’re already making changes to our response. No more midnight feeding attempts. No more rushing to see what’s wrong when the crying starts. And definitely, definitely no more late-night Elmo. Here’s hoping we can all weather this storm together.

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