Year 2, Day 158

“Melmo,” Miles said during dinner tonight.

“No,” I told him. “Elmo is unavailable right now. We’re going to watch something different.”

“Something different” was the 1937 Astaire/Rogers classic Shall We Dance, which showed up in the Criterion Collection library a couple weeks back. I figured Miles would at least be into all of the music, but he was absolutely mesmerized by the dancing.

As he sat there staring at Fred Astaire tap dance across an ocean liner’s engine room, I asked him, “Do you want to learn how to dance?” He nodded emphatically.

After dinner was finished, Miles immediately wanted to get down. He darted over to the TV, then started trying to mimic the dancers onscreen.


And this led to Miles and I reenacting the movie’s climactic dance scene.


And yes, he is definitely already a better dancer than I am.

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