Year 2, Day 154

In the world of celebrities, a rider is a proviso — often excessive and ridiculous — that facilities have to provide during tours, filming, etc. Some famous examples include Beyoncé insisting her dressing room be kept at 78 degrees, Drake requesting 48 incense sticks, or Eminem’s six Lunchables (?) at every tour stop. I bring this up because Miles himself is clearly on the verge of needing a rider of his own.

When we sat down for dinner tonight, Miles’s demands were very specific and nothing less than this precise combination would be sufficient. His his demands were 1) food, 2) on a plate with 3) no bib, 4) no tray, and 5) no fork. What followed was nothing short of a catastrophic mess. But hey, at least he wasn’t screaming!

I eventually talked him into the tray and fork. Not that either did much good.

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