Year 2, Day 132

I remember a time not so long ago when I was delighted by Miles’s ability to recognize and articulate the name of Sesame Street‘s resident ginger-haired, perpetual two-year-old Muppet. Those days are gone.

Today at the grocery store, Jaclyn was shopping for baby food and Miles suddenly spotted a squeeze pouch with Elmo (or “Memmo” as he calls him) on it, which I’d imagine is exactly what the makers of this baby food were going for. I’m sure they were also fully aware that most babies who spotted their favorite TV personality on a food package would begin screaming uncontrollably until the package was delivered to their tiny hands. Miles threw a fit when he saw it, crying out with a fury that could only be sated by seizing the package and eating of sweet, sweet Elmo.

Certainly at home things are not much better. Throughout the day, Miles points at the TV periodically and says, “Memmo,” which in translation means, “Hey, you guys. I think Elmo is on the TV? Have we considered that? That we could be watching Elmo RIGHT NOW? Let’s see how he’s doing, guys.”

We are by no means a heavy TV household (there are stretches of days during the week where it barely gets turned on), but Miles is a quick learner. And we can tell him, “Oh, Elmo is asleep right now,” or, “Oh, Elmo doesn’t work on Sundays because of the sabbath” (we have used both of these today), but in our on-demand world I fear Miles will soon discover that Elmo is available to him at any and all hours of day…and night…

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