Year 2, Day 130

We’ve seen a lot of growth in Miles over the last couple weeks. And while a lot of this has been positive, not every aspect of growing up is desirable. A…sure, we can call it “developmental milestone”…we appear to have reached in the last couple weeks involves Miles’s response to the more unsavory parts of his day. He may be learning more signs and words every day, but for some reason he’s decided that ear-piercing shrieking is the way to go when faced with parents who are either unable or unwilling to accommodate his every desire.

Miles has always fussed and cried under certain conditions — when he’s hungry, when he doesn’t want to go to bed — but while we were in Boston, we heard a pitch that was…different. It seemed designed not to simply notify us of a complaint, but rather to annoy us into compliance. Miles has continued trying to use this tone when he wants something different to eat or when he wants to watch television, and needless to say, we haven’t been entertaining it.

Our reaction thus far has been to remind Miles of the hand sign for “please” as an alternative to screaming. Any conditioning takes time, of course, so I’m sure the shrieking will continue for the time being (and evolve over time). Jaclyn says that she feels like he’s entered the “terrible twos”; I’m quick to remind her, though, that he isn’t two yet and if she thinks this is the worst he has to offer…buckle up.

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