Year 2, Day 100

It’s been 100 days since Miles turned 1, and by complete happenstance today was also the day of his 15 month visit with the pediatrician.

We are very clearly beyond Miles being blissfully ignorant of not only exactly what to expect from a trip to the doctor, but also the roles that each individual person plays in making that 30 minutes of his life a living hell. He was friendly enough with the nurse who greeted us and called us back, but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the last doctor he saw — one who administered shots — Miles grasped Jaclyn tightly, buried his head, and began whimpering. He remembers…

Mercifully, Miles wasn’t getting any shots today, so his trepidation subsided quickly. Once he was getting undressed in the examination room, however, the wailing began. And while we could appease him with the pictures on the wall (elephants! birds!) and a Daniel Tiger sticker, the sight of his doctor entering the room triggered a response that, were he older and more verbal, would’ve probably been articulated as, “Oh, HELL naw.”

Nevertheless, Miles survived and by the end of the visit was even willing to give his doctor a cautious high five. The tragedy, however, comes with our knowledge that his 18 month visit will involve shots and that this shaky truce is destined to be shattered.

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