Year 2, Day 94

Jaclyn has been out of town for work since Tuesday, and while I’ve had the services of his usual babysitter, Lisa, the last two nights while I’ve hosted trivia, mornings (and late nights) have been the Brian & Miles Show.

Largely, it’s gone well. Tuesday night was a little bumpy (but I had a feeling it would be when Lisa said he had gone down at 7:15…my gut said, “Well…that doesn’t bode well”), but after a late night snack he went back down (semi) quietly. Wednesday morning, Miles woke up as chipper as could be. After getting a diaper change and getting dressed for the day, Miles started demanding I carry him around the house. As he often does, Miles just pointed, his finger acting almost like a homing missile as he indicated exactly where he wanted me to take him.

It became obvious very quickly that Miles was requesting that I carry him to his mother. First, he pointed towards our bedroom. Upon finding the bed empty, he took the next logical step, pointing instead to the bathroom. After finding that room mommy-free as well, he gave up his search. Surely, there was nowhere else mom could possibly be. She was gone, but hey, at least there were still birds outside.

Seriously though, Miles missed Jaclyn (okay, I’ll admit we both did), and he was definitely excited to see all three of us together again tonight.

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