Year 2, Day 85

It’s ceaselessly entertaining observing Miles interacting with things that, for whatever reason, he’s become transfixed by. Sure, he loves birds, balls, balloons, and cottage cheese (?? weirdo…), but one of his more unexpected and, frankly, bizarre interests is in the human belly button.

The very first time he saw my belly button, it was like two wayward souls locking eyes across a crowded room. He was glancing past, then stopped, his attention turning to a bizarre body feature that he noticed out of the corner of his eye. He crawled closer, studying it for a moment before doing what any curious person might do — sticking his index finger into it.

Of course, I started laughing, which only goaded him on. Now we’re at a point that he’s fully aware of the belly button’s presence — even when it’s under a shirt — and is always trying to reach it. When I enter his bedroom in the morning to find him standing up in his Pack ‘n’ Play, he looks at me, smiles, then sticks his finger out, as though waiting for me to present my belly button, that he might once again poke it with his finger.

What I’m saying is babies get a pass for a lot of weird-ass behavior.

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