Year 2, Day 70 – Operation: Babywalk Update!

Miles has fought using the bottom of his feet in any practical way for months now, resorting screaming, falling to his knees, or crawling away from us as quickly as possible in a never-ending quest to avoid personal growth. But today, Miles finally took a step in the right direction.

Normally, when held by the hands and pulled upward, Miles bends his legs and refuses to put his feet down, but today Miles became suddenly agreeable, placing his feet on the ground and clumsily moving his body to sling his legs outward, step by awkward step. After maybe a half dozen of these movements, Miles plunked down onto his butt and started clapping, clearly impressed by his effort (we were clapping too, of course).

I’ve known for months that walking required intrinsic motivation on Miles’s part. Hopefully he’s finally found it!

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