Year 2, Day 61

For much of the first half of this week, I was preoccupied with a variety of things (work, movies, podcasting, etc). Yesterday, I ended up bedridden, likely having come down with the same bug that benched our babysitter a couple nights ago. Given all of this, I feel like I’ve barely seen Miles at all for the last few days, with our time together basically relegated to the drive to and from daycare. It’s always a strange experience when weeks like this roll around. When it’s all over and I finally get to see him for any length of time, I typically have this moment where I look at him — really look at him — and I can see how much he’s grown and developed in just a week.

Today, I was floored by how pronounced his top teeth are now. Even with all the restless nights, when exactly did that happen? Yesterday, I noticed how much his phonemic range has expanded, with “p” and “j” sounds becoming frequent parts of his repertoire. Miles can now say “apogee,” which I’m happy to report is his first “SAT word.”

One of the bits of unsolicited advice we got regularly as new parents was some variation of, “Enjoy it…it goes by so quickly.” As with most of these anecdotes, hearing it is one thing — experiencing it is another.

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