Year 2, Day 52

Jaclyn has been pretty sick today, and I’ve had to cover for her in common affairs of the home, getting Miles up and dressed this morning, racing home at lunch to bring Jaclyn some much-needed supplies, and going out after trivia tonight to obtain Easter eggs and candy for a party at daycare today. By the time I got home, I was understandably hungry and exhausted. So of course Miles was up howling at midnight.

After attempts to soothe him proved fruitless, I lifted him out of his bed and carried him to the kitchen for a late-night snack. While this sated him for a moment, he was soon right back to crying, rubbing his eyes wearily all the while. We brought him into bed with us, and he almost fell asleep, but soon decided it would be a better use of his time to start swatting and clawing at us while rolling scattershot across the bed. No one was sleeping under these conditions.

We went through this nocturnal dance — returning him to his room, bringing him back to ours, trying to feed him, repeat process — two or three more times to no great success. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how things ended up and I don’t remember his crying subsiding. What I do know is that, eventually, exhaustion and unconsciousness claimed us all.

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