Year 2, Day 49 – Operation: Babywalk Begins

Miles has been going to physical therapy for a couple months now, and while he has made substantial strides (HA!) in crawling, he is still extremely reluctant to get on his feet. While this does seem to have more to do with his emotional tendencies than his actual physical capabilities, he has appeared to become increasingly less inclined to even put effort into pulling himself up and standing. As has been his tendency from the outset, Miles is content to simply abandon the pursuit of anything outside his reach and turn his attention instead to something on the floor.

This ends today.

At the suggestion of his therapist, we have removed Miles’s toys from the floor and placed them higher — on the coffee table, the entry bench, on shelves — in an effort to compel him to rise. We’ve also packed and folded his beloved ball pit for the time being. To paraphrase a famous line from Glengarry Glen Ross, “Ball pits are for walkers.”*

So far, Miles is fairly…let’s say unenthused about this turn of events.  Time will tell if he takes the steps** necessary to correct the current state of his playthings.

*In fact, this whole scene is essentially how things played out between Miles and me.
**…can’t…stop…dad puns…

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