Year 2, Day 44

Miles had a bit of a “croupy cough” today, so Jaclyn took him to the doctor and kept him home from daycare. Not one to be deterred by illness, Miles was still plenty active when he woke from his extended nap in the afternoon. I left work early to help out so Jaclyn could get some work done. And yet, even with two adults less than three feet from him, Miles managed to create a mystery that vexed us for most of the evening.

At 4:30, just before Jaclyn went to the gym for a workout, Miles had been drinking from one of his sippy cups. At 9:30 that night, Jaclyn started to wonder exactly where that cup had gone to.

“You put it away,” I said.

“No, I didn’t,” Jaclyn replied. “You did.”

I had never touched the cup and had assumed that Jaclyn had just taken it from him right before leaving. After ironing out that neither of us had done anything with the cup, a hunt ensued. We looked all over the living room, but found no trace of the cup. Miles hadn’t traveled farther than two or three feet while he had been drinking from it, but that had been in the center of the floor. How on Earth could the cup have just vanished?

It wasn’t until right around midnight when I looked down into Miles’s activity center and found this:


Yes, much like a dog coveting a beloved bone, Miles stashed his sippy cup in a covert location. Did he plan on coming back for it later? Who know. I’m just glad we found it before the milk spoiled.



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