Year 2, Day 30

The fickle interest of a toddler is ever-fleeting. Where once Miles was obsessed with dogs, he has now found a new creature that has aroused his fascination. He still enjoys spying canines outside through the glass door, but birds are now at the forefront of his attention.

Spurred perhaps by their prevalence in our yard, Miles has started becoming fairly demanding when he feels it’s time to look at birds. “Burr,” he says, raising his left hand to his mouth and giving us the sign (albeit inverted) for “bird” while pointing towards the back door with his right hand. The message is clear: there are birds out there, and I wish to see them.

Such dogged insistence has prompted Miles to wake in the middle of the night, wailing incessantly until he is finally picked up and able to convey what’s bothering him — the desire to see birds at 3:30 in the morning. Trying to convince a baby that birds, much like reasonable humans, sleep in the night is no easy task.

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