Year 2, Day 13

There’s a real nature vs. nurture struggle going on in our household currently. I’m content to let Miles develop at a pace he’s comfortable with. Jaclyn, meanwhile, has her own ideas about deadlines for developmental milestones.

One such idea that she has decided to make manifest this weekend is weaning Miles off of his bottles in favor of exclusively using sippy cups. Her initial plan was to “throw all the bottles away,” a drastic measure that I was able to talk her down from. After all, what if he isn’t ready to give up bottles yet? Well then we’d just have to buy MORE bottles to replace the ones that were so carelessly disposed of.

To further illustrate my side of the argument, daycare has already asked that we provide at least one empty bottle each day in case Miles refuses to drink from the sippy cup. And when I say “refuses to drink from,” what I really mean is, “lifts the cup high then hurls it onto the floor in protest.”

Miles is still developing, but one quality he clearly already possesses is an ability to recognize when one thing is substantially more difficult than another. For instance, he understands that sitting is preferable to standing. Likewise, he’s able to one-hand his bottle, holding it in place as he drinks while keeping one hand completely free, a skill he has not come close to developing with his sippy cup.

I have the utmost faith that Miles will transition away from bottles in due time, but who am I to prevent him from relishing learned convenience?

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