Year 2, Day 8

You know what’s worse than taking care of a sick baby? Taking care of a sick baby while you, yourself, are also sick. This is the situation Jaclyn and I have found ourselves in for the last week, and while Miles seems to be almost back to normal now, we’ve only gotten perpetually sicker. Even when I felt like I was almost over it, the next day brought even more lethargy-inducing symptoms with it. I know to expect that families will get sick together, and that the potential for illness is greater with our kid spending so much time 1) around other kids and 2) shoving literally anything he can get his hands on into his mouth, but I was not at all prepared for the protracted recovery (can I even call it that?) period that would accompany it. So much time is spent just trying to take care of the baby that taking care of ourselves is virtually impossible.

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